Saturday, May 1, 2010

this is stupid, i wouldn't bother

i can't help but think of how pithy i can be.
pithy and absent-minded and selfish, it's disgusting.
all i can figure out now is that i don't know anything at all.
really, nothing.
except for maybe basic arithmetic,
and even then i question. 2 plus 2... who even invented the word "plus?" simply a silly sound that we assign meaning to.
these words may as well be nonsense you see, because just because they mean something to me, does not mean anything more than that; and if they happen to mean something to someone else, it's probably not what they mean to me because their experiences and past with these things being said and also the things not influence how they hear and receive whatever this message in question is. so what's the point in even trying? you know. if what we say isn't what is heard and if it's not what is heard, why do we keep trying?

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