Friday, January 30, 2009

sing me a song

(many societies understand family through other concepts than genetics)

we all live together 
making music through our lives
every action ringing, shattering the silence of monotony  
oh, here life is never mundane, but interesting, twisted and bright 
each of us with our own song
each of us with our own fight  

so sing me a song 
pick up that guitar 
and tiny harmonica 
turn on the organ and whistle along 
we'll act like we're great, 
cus when we're together, we're great,
sing me the song of our lives 

(i am home 
goodnight, brother, 
i am home)  

Thursday, January 22, 2009


her words crossed my vision
and he told of it too 
not to me, the world, but i'm apart of that so i heard 
and then him, he's effortless 
but for more

i get word in convenience 
only sometimes...
not usually
because quickly warmth is forgotten 
leaving the amity flawed 

still there are the pictures captured in whispers 
smiles and smirks
but not observed 
i notice it's when obvious  
only when most eyes are closed 
only when predicted and convenient
only when best noted, by none 

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

i grow up

i have a fish
named fishy 
so original, i know 
what am i, five years old? 
something like that, sometimes...
then night comes along 
and i grow up. 
older than five, 
older than i am, really