Tuesday, April 27, 2010

up to the brim

yes ribbons, that's what it looked like
blue ribbons.
ephemeral ribbons
lying on my back in the itchy grass, with four others watching the ribbons drift up from the burning end.
you know when the sun is setting (or rising i guess that would work too it's just that its setting right now you know) just at the right spot on the horizon, it looks like ribbons.
it makes me think of-- um-- high school. that's what it is... high school...
that's a treacherous thought.
peace reminding me of carnage is what it feels like. it almost makes me laugh.
but i don't because i think everyone would be confused if i tried to explain it.
standard, for me at least.

you know you're stories are bad when you have to tell people that they are over.
i don't know why i'm rambling on, this futile piece of information. i don't know at all.

so cigarettes
high school
and aimless narrating
never mind.

Friday, April 9, 2010


i fear my own more recently discovered disillusioned thoughts have unclouded my skewed thought processes. i fear that these new thoughts bemuse me when my intentions have been blindly guided seemingly improperly thus far, and i discover now that they are all but unequivocally imprecise. the vacuity is embarrassing.