Wednesday, February 25, 2009

please be strong

you're small 
what i have to offer is heavy 
but maybe 
you're actually, very big 

in her stupor

i feel like i don't want to burden you with anything 
but i come with a lot of things 
i come with heavy boots 
and i can't do this alone 

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


how can you pretend not to see 
someone who used to trust you so much

you looked away 
i'm not stupid, you know...

Sunday, February 22, 2009


tonight... i didn't

Saturday, February 21, 2009


i've been realizing 
people aren't so bad, sometimes
aren't so scary
not like i thought
if you open yourself to being pleasant
and not acting scared and quiet 
(because then they think you're a bitch) 
they'll reciprocate 
it's nice,
but nice. 

fuming, seething, livid, vexed

i have fury deep in my chest 
i feel it burning 
and i want to scream 
what a morning 
what a terribly disgusting morning 

Thursday, February 19, 2009


i keep hearing the same thing
from him and from her
here and there
and then i see the same thing too
and it breaks me
every time
it breaks me
and i keep it up
i think i'm kind of shattered
pick it up,
i've made a mess
because when i try it hurts my fingers
and i'm out of band aids

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

i'm in the library

i still think of you

two minutes of your time

you were nice
i made my heart warm
i want to kiss you
(because that might change your mind)
next time i see you, i'd be great if you were mean,
it makes getting over you easier

you're a giant

to me, you are 10 feet tall

because in my world height is based on

yes, you are 10 feet tall


i have some friends
and they have names 
but right now, those are irrelevant 
because right now, they're so much more than just a name 
they're my hope
my laughter 
they're long talks that remind me that i'm not alone 
they're cigarettes shared in sanctuary 
they're a blessing, an assurance
they are
my faith in humanity 

Thursday, February 12, 2009

kitchen utensils... dance tools

     we dance with spoons and spatulas 
forks and whisks and tongs 
we use then for their real purpose,
because we know what they're really for 

laughs and smiles and unnecessarily profane songs 
that's why they're in our kitchen 
that's why they're in our hands 
right where they belong 
with free spirited dancing 
and inhibition-less times that we spend together 
making the dumbest memories 
that are so great they'll last forever 

(that last line sounded really cliche, 
but cliche's have gotta come from some truth i take it)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

nails scratching my throat...

that's right,
i have the sniffles 
but it's worse than that 
because i also have the aches and fever and yada yada bing 
i gots the whole deal
no cuttin corners when it comes to hannah's sickness, 
but for now, i have a smile 
one that may be frequently interrupted by a cough or 7
but it's there 
thank you for giving me a chance, i'm trying
it's good to be at peace with ones you love
especially when they're ones you live with as well... i think
now, to my friends on the horizon 
that are drifting away...they may be cause for sadness 
but i've done what i can there, and though it's sad i can do no more, i think
and i have what i have 
that's all i can say 
and with that, there's a bit of a smile 

Monday, February 2, 2009

to you, lets be friends

not you sir, 
but you little lady, 
you don't know it but 
your words help keep up afloat 
they sing to my heart 
and i want to be closer to you
lets be friends
i think that could be good for the both of us 
we could talk 
and have picnics 
i'll tell you about the nothing of mine and you tell me of the something of yours 
and we can play 
whoa this is gonna be good 
i can feel it 
because you make me smile 
always smiles 
you are too kind 
lets be friends

to whom it may concern... no one

quien es ella

self condemnation will get me nowhere

you came with scissors
and later left
but you'll come back 
and, i'll let you in 
yes, all the way in 
even though you come with scissors 

Sunday, February 1, 2009

mistakes i know all too well

pouring out of eyes like there is an endless well somewhere, hidden where i cannot see 
every single drop falling so fast for it is weighed down with heartache, 
so strong that every drop of hers that collides with my skin makes me flinch 
i can almost physically feel it, taste it, because i can see it 
words escape me 
when i make the same mistakes as you
who am i to give advice?
i can only relate... and touch to console 
who am i to give advice?