Wednesday, June 18, 2008


i just noticed that one of my fish has died
her name was pearl
i'm actually a bit shaken up
& i'm afraid to fish her out of the bowl
it's too weird looking at her
poor thing
she was beautiful
even if she was just a silly goldfish, with a huge belly, that waddled
she was beautiful in her own little way
the way she wasn't solid orange but had little which polka dot
and her big black eyes like little oil droplets
the other fish don't even notice
sometimes i think it would be nice to be a gold fish
death isn't sad, you just go long with your life
but at the same time
they live a forgotten life
not only one that people forget
but one that they do as well
and where would we be without our memories and experiences
they are what make us who we are right this very second
i take back my comment about wanting to be a goldfish
i want a cigarette now
i don't have any
i'll just have a glass of soy milk
and read interview with the vampire

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