Monday, March 9, 2009

this is not pretty or thought out

i came home to the smell of cookies baking, 
after a stressful day, there's almost nothing better 
gooey and delicious, oh gosh, 
i ate 4.... ok 5..... alright fine 6.  
and with each bite melted away my stressful day 
and night to come 
oh i'm not going to sleep tonight 
but for now, maddie's playing softly and i can't ask for anything more lovely, or relaxing 
and i had some cookies 
so i'm smiling amidst the everything 
i'm going to go to the library, i hate it there
stark white walls and scowls.
my weekend was almost worth saying it was great 
except for situation i'd rather not be in 
some people don't think. 
no i don't want to be across the table from you while you're on a date... with one of my friends (i thought we talked about this, she said she wouldn't.... typical) 
you think that'd be common sense right 
hmm well it's not, 
not for anyone but ME apparently
and i didn't get to see some people i really wanted to and haven't in over a week, new friends missed. 
breathe hannah breathe... 
i have maddie's songs and cookies to keep me company 

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