Tuesday, February 3, 2009

nails scratching my throat...

that's right,
i have the sniffles 
but it's worse than that 
because i also have the aches and fever and yada yada bing 
i gots the whole deal
no cuttin corners when it comes to hannah's sickness, 
but for now, i have a smile 
one that may be frequently interrupted by a cough or 7
but it's there 
thank you for giving me a chance, i'm trying
it's good to be at peace with ones you love
especially when they're ones you live with as well... i think
now, to my friends on the horizon 
that are drifting away...they may be cause for sadness 
but i've done what i can there, and though it's sad i can do no more, i think
and i have what i have 
that's all i can say 
and with that, there's a bit of a smile 

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